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I mean one guy knows he is had. He puts his hands up and says "mercy" and the other guy says " I dont accept mercies" and shoots him.

Asta-la-vista---- baby ---shit.

I heard of this about a month ago at another field and quickly adjusted my briefings to say, if you do this, you can pack your shit up and go home. I did not even think I would need to mention this, but do it in case. More for the newer guys coming on our field.

And yes this works the other way around, you see the guy, and he pees his pants, and squeels like a girl, its over... that is the end of it on my field. It usually ends up with the 2 guys seeking each other out in the parking lot laughing there asses off. The way its is supposed to be.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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