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I am not sure how this mercy thing has been discussed up to now, but what I am dead set against at our field is "non acceptance" of mercy.

I have heard from some other fields etc, where a guys comes around a corner and sees another guy, say 6 feet away, then calls "mercy" (this is the guy who is out gunned) and the guy holding the gun says, "I dont accept mercies" and shoots the guy anyway.

Cant recall this happening at my field, but can assure you this is a one way ticket out from where we play. If not, there better be a lickity split appology to the guy who was shot and a quick "love in", knuckle bump all cool before I show up.

I assume this is what most are talking about?

(This is for any of the guys who come to hill 437 who maybe reading this. It is the same as the random fire into the tall grass on full auto. This is a no-no)

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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