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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Mercy is typically a courtesy that you shouldn't expect to give/receive...if it happens to work out great, but it shouldn't be something to be relied upon.
+1 Mercy is a courtesy but it shouldn't be applied to stupid players, case in point I got this guy dead to rights with my nade revolver as he turns around a corner, I shouted mercy and he shot me point blank WTF? when i approached him afterwards and ask why didn't he take the mercy, his response was he didn't have to take it, i should have shot him instead really? at a distance of a few inches of my barrel from his face? hmm? the next round he didn't get any mercy, he found out quickly that when a guy with a nade launcher shouted mercy he should have taken it. the funny thing is taht when I mercied another player the round after he got shot eventhough he was down in the next room he call himself out. lol
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