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iseitaku, something to think about.

Mercy - Should not be mandatory. 0 foot engagement distances should be encouraged, I realize that certain fields have different rules, but no one should complain about being shot. If in doubt, shoot them.

Shrugging hits - Shoot them more. If they fail to call it after a lot of unmistakable hits. Call yourself out, approach the individual, and ask them to come with you to game control and work out the problem. This betters the game, and betters the players, win / win.

Serious business - Taking a game seriously is not a bad thing. Getting angry is. The game is fun. Don't get mad. Take some time out, cool off, or leave.

Newbies are newbies - There are many different people who come to game, just because they are new, doesn't mean they are not capable. Guide them and help them. Yelling at them and laughing when they don't understand helps no one.

Spawn Camping - This can be a problem caused by game design and may need to be rectified by game control. This may also be a problem caused by innadequite team skill. If that's the case, organize the team and push back. TLDR; Suck less.

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