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when people intentionally shoot at mercy range (if you caught them off guard and they instinctivly pull the trigger it's understandable)

when people are hit -know they were hit too-and dont register it

when people follow improper mercy actions (one guy at a match pointed the gun at the ground and said mercy didn't even touch me or put effort into making the mercy count and STILL wanted it to count. I could literally take my time raising my rifle, point it at him and say mercy and still get the mercy.)

finally people who take a game for fun (not league game) way too seriously

newbies who dont know how to operate as a team (i call these guys cod players lmao) and understand the term "cover my 6" (although I am refering to people who just stand there with their gun pointed down acting clueless when I say "cover fire" or "cover my 6". if they are genuinly new to it and willing to at least try then thats different.)

spawn campers who just trap you in spawn and don't back off. (If i get people trapped in spawn I have the decency to back off and at least let them out of spawn.)
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