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Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
ok, good learning happening over here...

so, let me just get this straight, Night vision devices give away your position to others with night vision devices?


Night Vision Devices amplify visible and IR ambient and emitted light.

Modern NODs can "see" in low light conditions without the use of an external light source (i.e., starlight, etc)

An IR illumination device (either part of the NODs or an IR flashlight, IR laser, etc) will be seen by NODs (both the light and the lightsource) and give away your position to NOD users the same as if you were shining a flashlight. IR illumination is not necessary for NODs to work, especially GEN2 and GEN3 which are a lot more efficient with ambient light. IR illumination is required in pitch darkness where no ambient light is available. Gen1 will also be pretty sketchy without it in darker conditions (e.g., dark moonless night with no lighting).

Originally Posted by Kingsix View Post
Nightvision picks up ambient light

Remember in Airsoft there is a gap from the NV optic eye cup and your eye because of goggles/ Shooting Glasses. In theory a strong enough NV device may be able to pick up the green glow.
The glow is actually strong enough to be seen by the naked eye.

Good example (and thats with the eye cups):

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