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Originally Posted by Hiitmann View Post
I'm going to be honest. I HATE POSTS LIKE THIS ONE I QUOTED!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously do you not think he realized he made a mistake and needs a quick flame that completely does not help him at all?

Sorry though as I do not know the ASC username but consider this as a mistake no going back in time now. Use EMT from now on it works best I find. Hopefully someone that knows him in real life sees this post and alerts him or someone knows his ASC username.
mmmken did not flame him. He worded his post in a way that is easy to interpret, and suggest how he should have handled the solution. Yours, on the other hand, is an opinion. Keep it to yourself. This is about issue resolution, not compounding the problem with off handed remarks.

OP, do you know the area you sent it to? Maybe someone locally to him can help track him down.

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