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Originally Posted by ToRN
Originally Posted by jaws
Just A Note That R134a Is The Chemical In Ac Systems In All Cars Since 1993 And It Is A $500,000 Fine If Caught Despencing It Into The Air. It Was The Replacment For R12 Freon
we don't use R134, we use HFC134a, there is a difference.
Where is MadMax when you need him?

Look guys, it's REALLY that simple.

First off - the R in 134 means Refridgerant - the HVAC community calls it that no matter if its CFC or HFC - the gas is used as a refridgerant.

HFC mean HYDROFLUROCARBON (Good!), as opposed to CFC, CLOROFLUROCARBON (Bad!) - they stopped making CFC's [Ref. Clean Air Act, Jan.1.1996]cause of the really really big hole in the ozone layer. Needless to say it's not a bunch of kids shooting their GBB's that's responsible for global warming...anyway...

GREEN GAS is just PROPANE! That's it! No really...really really! Like you know when, like, you go, like CAMPING, eh? Yaaaa...itz teh pRoPAN3!

Japanese GBB's were designed using standard R-12 and R-134a pressure limits [ASGK/JASC conformities - like ISO standards for Airsoft Manufaturing] , which is why you always hear these stories about peoples guns blowing up when using Green Gas/Propane. It's a lot harder on that $400 GBB than it was designed. I do believe the Taiwanese and other outside-japan GBB manufacturers have designed their GBB's with GreenGas in mind. It makes sense considering how expensive R134a is compared to Propane.

All that aside - NONE of any of the gasses mentioned above are ingestible. As well I wish society would stop protecting the Darwin Award winners from themselves. They obviously have a gene defect - who the fuck wants that to mix thru our pool? It's like wrapping a log of shit in a zip-lock bag just so it can float in the pool with us...???
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