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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
As long as that hose requires you to attach a paintball tank to it most airsofters won't touch it for lack of realism. I am sure PS is going to come out with a 1911 pistol that also needs a hose to operate it.

When I pick up a M4, I want to hold it and shoot it, not attach a coil hose to it.

Why couldn't PS just put HPA in a modified GBBR magazine to eliminate the tank?
If you have the coin there is this custom shop that have GBBR that is powered by the shell/magazine eject system just like the real thing unfortunately their custom rifle starts at $5500 + Mags + Shells

The PS system is byfar teh most efficient and problem free when it comes to operation unlike teh Daytona gun gas there is very little parts/seals that can breakdown, they have CNC parts ready unlike the other GBBR utilizing pot metal, they use HPA instead of Propane and NO cool down effect, the only downside is the coils but I'm ok with it, it's like going back in time playing with my JAC. The fun part about the PS system is on a AEG set up you can run your regular mags instead of the expensive yet fragile GBBR mags. I've put a PS on a stoner SMG eventhough the boxmag was having a hard time keeping up with the gun the solid stream of bbs with the range and accuracy to boot is a dream every airsofter have, I'm almost tempted to say that the amount of white death being put downrange can easily put a PTW to shame.

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