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The play comes from how nicely the handguards match up with both the delta ring at the back...and if the front cap moves.

You can cheat with the front cap by drilling/tapping a screw hole through the cap and into the gas in essence your handguards are held in place by the front gas block. This will solidify things a bit...but if there's still play with the delta ring then there'll still be some wobble.

If you don't want any wobble...the go for a rail system.

And...if you're worried about messing something up or breaking something...then find a gun doc to help you out. It won't take long to do what you want and it'd easier/clearer than a bunch of Q&A on the forum. Also...most gun docs will have spare parts, extra rails or examples of all this stuff on you can get an eyeball on some setups before you decide what you want to do.

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