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I've seen people with little to no practical gun tech work claim that a m16+ length inner barrels are the way to go. The individual ordered a custom EDGI 5.98mm ID, for a 24" Length barrel, (M16 Suppressed). The hopup/barrel system used performs no better than my 6.03mm ID, 415mm length system with the identical compression system behind it.

On some other more technical forums, the generally accepted "optimal" Inner barrel length is somewhere between 415-455mm given what we have available for springs, and cylinders.

Unconvinced/skeptical is my response to this orga barrel. If they phrased it that the relationship between the ID and the diameter of the BB is the key factor, I could be convinced.

Out of curiosity I never really looked into this but what are the Diameters of 8mm barrels (standard) and "upgraded". and what is the standardized diameter of a 8mm bb (7.95mm??)

I have also noted that a 1.7j gun shooting 0.30 BB's can outperform (range) a 3.7 j gun shooting the same ammo, however when you move the ammo weight to 0.66g you do get a marked improvement in the 3.7j guns.
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