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I did my homework man, think about what I do for a living for a second..

The responses to scientific question on their site are weak, often "referred to the engineer" and then not responded to at all.

For every 500 they have saying it's great I can give you 5000 that say a 590 mm 6.01 works great as well including me . I had on for years that delivered the results they claim.

Of course I am also betting that BB's don't actually touch the inside of the barrel at all during trip down the barrel (we have a bet going at Bastard Labs). We will be testing this this fall.

But even if it turns out it does, I see no reason why it would bounce in a small barrel and not in a large barrel. If the BB has a natural tendency to smack off the sides of the barrel in transit, why will that stop just because it's given more room?

Makes zero sense, especially from a fluid dynamics perspective.

Originally Posted by Warlock View Post
Do your homework and search ''ORGA Magnus'' in Google.

A lot of positive feedback.

60-70 meters accuracy at only 1 joules is very good. some are prentending 300-350 ft accuracy on snipers at 500 fps with this barrel.

I might give it a try lately.

Systema came up in 2012 on their revolution PTW with a new taper inner barrel design ranging from 6.03 to 6.05 bore diameter. They are saying that a larger bore at the exit of the barrel increase the accuracy and range by stabilizing the BB and preventing it to touch the inside of the barrel for a more consitent and effective backspin. They first try 6.1mm and after further testing they came up with this solution.

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Longer barrel will only slow you down.
In every other application on earth (rifles, blow guns) longer gives more time under pressure and more stability. I have seen nothing convincing other than the PR on their website to convince me otherwise.
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