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Greetings everyone here in ASC!

My name is Devin and low and behold; i turned legal age mid August. Huzzah!

Thanks to everyone in ASC for, well, maintaining and being a part of the cummunity; making it is what it is. Big, big thanks!

I have a slight dilemma though; i live in Manilla Ontario and im not sure my closest AV`er except for Durham. I could goto Oshawa but unfortunatly, every forum page i goto were someone mentions the Durham AV`er, they say he has stopped AVing.

My second option would have to be going to a game but again-- the one thing that stumps me on the forum-- i have no idea how to search game meetups by any order.

A slap in the right direction and ill be on my way. Promise!

Again, thanks for the entire staff and to all players of the sport; makes airsoft in Canada what it is today.

Have a good one.
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