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Originally Posted by multitech View Post
He's 14 and has 17 other ads. Either selling something or looking for work!
If you look at his other ads, you'll find one were he says he is 14.

There seems to be a sense of entitlement that is running rampant through the teen age population. They are becoming too use to their parents purchasing anythng they want "RIGHT NOW", TV has everything and anything they want, the internet allows them to stay in contact with their frinds 24/7. I havn't seen a teen ager lately who doesn't have a cell phone. Most of the time this stuff has not been earned, just demanded and handed over.

The sense of entitlement is very strong. Until they get out into the real world, were mommy and daddy aren't handling everything. Then the world shows them what they really deserve when you don't want to work for it!

At best Nothing, at worst a kick in the teeth!!!!
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