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Originally Posted by -Skeletor- View Post
His email ends in 98, ie; so that could be a random number or the year he was born.

As for mental issues, etc dunno, hard to judge that through email. But IMO he seems just like a young kid(13/14) who has seen movies with snipers and video games, etc. Posting online for info instead of doing research just shows he is lazy and or doesn't know how to search, or would rather be spoon fed info. Pretty common on some other forums I'm on, people would rather post a question(that has been asked 20 times before) and wait for a reply then actually search for the info. Posting a ad for help/someone to teach him stuff is really weird though..

As for things going badly, I agree and did ask him what he does/intends to do with the airsoft gun and ghillie suit. Waiting on a reply.
The moment i saw his ad, i was like "what's up with this kid?" i'm gonna be honest with u ... this kid has a lot to learn. and say what he's 13/14? he needs to know that it requires a lot of physical training to be a marine sniper, why not suggest him that he join the cadet program? particularly the army cadets (I'm in the air cadets though! :P). as for mental issues, i have no idea. we don't want to assume anything as of now and out of the blue ...
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