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I'll never go for a head shot if i don't have to, but sometimes it's all you got.
I feel bad about it indoors or out, but you know it's possible to get shot in the face or other sensitive areas in airsoft, whether on purpose or by accident.
PPE is your own responsibility, not the person shooting you. If you don't want to get shot in the face with 400fps, wear full face protection.

We just had a similar problem with raising our fps limit to 420fps here in Mb. Some people are worried about an extra 20fps, and that everyone will now have 400fps guns. Well everyone already had 380-400fps guns, 20fps isn't going to do much more damage at our typical engagement range of 60-200 feet. And if you weren't worried about your face at 400fps, why would you suddenly be worried at 420fps?
It's not like everyone is going to buy new springs just to up 20fps lol

And to add insult to injury, there are only 4 times I can recall of someone EVER complaining about a hot gun on the field and having them chrono their gun. All 4 times the gun was under 350fps. Yet I know of a dozen times when someone had a 'hot' gun (by 10-15fps) on the field, and nobody ever complained about it.
Point being, if you get shot in the thigh, doesn't matter if it's 350 or 450fps, still gonna hurt like hell from 20 feet.
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