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when we went to pine it was 400 indoors with semmi auto as the rule caught over your out. i have played a fair bit indoors and it was always stressed 10 ft mercy head shots were not favored but if the only target you got was a pop up head then . i have and many of my team members been shot with hot guns , no mater what the field fps is someone will try to slip it in. i after playing the few years every weekend even outdoors all winter cant tell 350 fps and 400 fps apart, they all hurt real bad in close. we have scars, bruises, damaged teeth lumps and dings its part of a sport being new " i was there" doesn't mean bubble wrap me, veteran players. if a rule is set fallow it this game is about the honor system. if you don't like the way a game is played at a location for any reason you can say "hey at this field we do it this way would you mind?" if the answer is no you don't got to play there. play with respect for the other shooters if you don't want to be hit 2 feet away with a 450fps don't do it. I"m sure others will be ready to comment about my lack of whatever. its about going out and having fun , shoot like you want to be shot. resect your pears and eat cake.
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