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Either shipping is included in the price or you pay extra, either way I would pay for the shipping if I was buying. Just like with a retailer!

As for the 4% extra on Paypal, that is against the TOS for Paypal and you can loose your account for doing it! But then again you can offer a price like 2120 and include shipping and paypal, then offer a discount to 2040 for cash or EMT!

Your obligations when receiving funds

13.3. If you receive funds through our Services you must:

1. pay any Fees for receiving the funds into your Account depending on whether it is a Commercial Transaction or Personal Transaction;
2. not ask the buyer to send you the payment through a Personal Transaction if you sell goods or services and PayPal is chosen as the payment method; or
3. not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting our Services as a payment method.
It would work out to the same thing!
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