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Originally Posted by fantastix View Post
About 70% of our current players are under 18 (almost all of the new players from this year are). We have about 6-10 regulars that have been playing for multiple years. The demographic in Windsor is quite different then most of our away games, and the play style reflects that. Very light/easygoing skrims.

Guns/players are rated on a case by case basis. There would be no way I would let a 14 year old on with a gun shooting 420. The whole 400+ thing is to satisfy an entirely different team of older players who would prefer to go 400 full auto at point blank. The groups generally don't play together, and when they do MEDs and other limits are put in to ensure everyone's safety.

It's a local shift thats happening where the weekend warriors who would ordinarily be paintballing are now taking up airsoft instead. It's also an attempt to try and draw some of the rogue groups in so they can play in a legal area (and we can charge them to play). There is a lot of backyard airsoft in Windsor we hear about, because like I said in an earlier post, the field is the only field that allows airsoft within an hour and a half drive.

EDIT: Also forgot to mention that we are not a babysitting service. Parents of underage players are required to stick around after signing them in for the first couple games their children play in.
Fantastix... stop raising the FPS because you dont want to replace a $10 spring. buy a few extra and have em on hand, you know full well 400+ fps indoors is pushing it... now your at 430? cmon man relax and play the game

ive got pellet guns that shoot under 450 can i bring them? or my .22(cb shorts) is only 600 where does it stop?

set a limit and stick to it 350 fps indoor and 400 fps outdoor
thats plenty fast enough
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