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Originally Posted by miloo View Post
i haven't found a affordable G36 (under 300-350 +tx) outside Umarex/ares... thoses are any good ?

If the barrel is so easy to change, i'll probably go for a KA m4A1 metal and upgrade the barrel (and spring ? since the FPS is over 400).
yes the umarex/ares g36's are good, i have 2 and they have never let me down. externally they are the best g36's ive handled (classic army are same quality externals).

from what ive heard, the ares g36's are their best model.

it really depends though, if you are looking into an xm8 kit for a g36 it will have to be a mauri or classic army. but if you aren't and just want to have a g36 go for ares or kwa ( both are licensed by umarex to the best of my knowledge but ares has a quick spring change).

and on that note i am not a fan of the king arms m4, the metal they use its pretty soft and ive heard a variety of issues about them.

all of this said though, i think before you buy any guns you should get out to a game and ask people if you can hold their guns and see which is the most comfortable and natural feeling to you... that way you dont follow our advice and get one that you dont like in the long run.

edit: i have also heard good things about the newest generation of JG g36's both externally and internally. they are also tm compatible which means an xm8 kit would work on them if you ever decide to change it.
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