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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Uh. that's what he said.
Humm no, reread his post slowly ...

Originally Posted by Metalsynth View Post
No it isnt. It falls under the uncontrolled firearms.

To the eyes of the law, if you commit a criminal offence with it, THEN only it becomes a firearm in technical terms but you do not have to call your local police to move your hardware from one field to another with the hours you'll be traveling and locking your trigger etc...

So there, not a firearm.
He is stating that if a airsoft gun was not a "uncontrolled firearm", and that you do not have to call your local police to move a airsoft rifle because its "uncontrolled", nor do you need to put a trigger lock on it because its a "uncontrolled" firearm.

Which is outright wrong, because non-restricted firearms, aka a "controlled" classification of firearms, do not need either of those 2 conditions to transport them. And restricted firearms do need a locking mechanism attached while in transport, but thanks to LATT's they do not need a call to the local Police station to move them for quite a long time.

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