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I agree that AV'ers should check their messages at least once a week. However; if your tge one who needs to be AV'ed you'll have to be responsible to make the trip. Walk, run, drive, fly, taxi, bus, etc. As an AV'er we only provide our time, not gas money. I will alert those further away next time I'll be in their area; but it can be short notice, or not for awhile.

My time is pretty flexible, as long as you make the trip to where I'm at.
I try to host AV nights out of town at least once a month, this gets a whe bunch out of the way at once. I usually try to give 2 weeks notice.

Some people have asked for me to drive over an hour to their house to be AV'd i'm sorry but if you cannot be bothered to jump on a city bus and meet me at the event then too bad.

that being said I have had members drive from vaughn to barrie to get av'd
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