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No it isnt. It falls under the uncontrolled firearms.

To the eyes of the law, if you commit a criminal offence with it, THEN only it becomes a firearm in technical terms but you do not have to call your local police to move your hardware from one field to another with the hours you'll be traveling and locking your trigger etc...

So there, not a firearm.
Airsoft gun classification is really fubared in Canada. This is compounded by wannabe lawyers on ASC. "Uncontrolled firearms" is meaningless outside the CBSA. I would classify airsoft guns as closer to being replicas than imitation firearms. This is just my personal opinion.

If you commit a crime with an airsoft gun than it becomes a "weapon" to which you will receive some sort of "weapons dangerous" or other firearms charges. Airsoft guns will remain a firearm regardless of how you use it.
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