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Originally Posted by Jackals View Post
Can someone show me where in the Firearms Act or the Criminal Code "uncontrolled firearms" show up?

I have yet to see uncontrolled firearm anywhere but on a CBSA "MEMO."

If you really want to get technical, airsoft guns as far as the criminal code and Firearms Act are concerned they are replicas. As far as the courts are concerned if used in a crime they are firearms, further a recent case in BC has determined that in "most" cases airsoft guns are not replicas.

They law is FUBAR, and airsoft is still as much as a grey area as it was 5 years ago.
Unregulated firearm is a CBSA convention to define objects classified under the criminal code and firearms act as meeting the definition of a firearm, but not meeting the muzzle energy stipulated for licensing for possession.

All Airsoft guns meet the definition of an imitation firearm ( which are not regulated) some do not meet the classification to be deemed firearms, and so could be deemed replicas.

How any one Airsoft gun could be defined is a matter of fact.. That remains un defined until it is defined by a court in the process of prosecution of an offence.

The law is FUBAR.. That much is certain
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