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Xm8 , g36, m4

Hi everyone. I decided will be getting into airsoft.

i've spent about a week reading about ASC and shopping for a first gun...

You're probably sick of people asking you which gun to buy but here i am.

The weapon that got me attracted to airsoft while i was surfing, was the XM8. I got into this page .
I then learned and read ( for about 2 days ) about the struggling of getting "replica-uncontrolled-366 FPS-etc." in Canada Even after days of search i didn't found a SRC or anyother retailer that carry M8 here.

I'm looking for a first all-round rifle short enought to carry multi-Role and even tought i could be happy whit an m4, i prefer guns based around H&K G (like the m8).

i'have been looking around for a full week and i narrowded my search to :

-King Arms M4A1 (metal) *most probable as of now but the barrels to long

-Echo1 STAG-15 Commando


i haven't found an interesting G36 AEG in my price range (250-350Max)
but the WE-tech G39C GBBr really got my attention.

If you seen an M8 around, would be nice if post back. I also think KA does a M4a1 CQB/commando version but i havent seen any retaler whos got it

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