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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
It's war, guns, etc. How on earth does someone get diluted enough to think Batman would fit?
Wayne Corp makes military suits, weapons & vehicles. The (newest) batsuit is advanced infantry armour. The batmobile is literally a light armoured vehicle. The new iteration of batman is very much militarized. No, batman is not a solider and no I would not advise anyone to just show up dressed like him (especially not to your games) but the original question was what do people think of a scenario game where someone dressed up like that could play?

For the record I want to do this, and I would use a MP7, my loophole being that it fires rubber bat-bullets that knock people out for 5 min (conviently just as long as most respawn time)

I also own a lot of realistic loadouts and like to play the part of solider- I just think it would be fun to switch it up and have something different once and awhile
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