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that's not really what a supressed gun sounds like... especially the gear whine lol. A gbbr or gbbp sounds more like a suppressed gun as you hear the metal bolt/slide moving and racking.

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OH this sounds like an interesting story.
actually, that's about all there is to the story... the two of us who were out shooting the afternoon before just wandered up and down the strip taking in the sights and sounds... and booze... I went back to the hotel earlier cause I literally couldn't walk anymore... he walked in a bit later, I was half asleep when he opened the curtain... day light hit him with a physical umpf... I could feel it hit him. He hit his bed shortly after and maybe an hour later we got up and stumbled to the airport.

But as the security guy was swabbing all our bag handles, my buddy and I exchanged worried glances and then it was all clear. He fell asleep at the back of the plane, woke up with a big stream of drool hanging from his mouth with a huge lineup of people waiting for the washroom pretending they weren't giggling at his hungoverness.
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