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My team owns over a dozen PTWs including a TW5, M4 CQB, M16 A3, and M4 A1 guns. Everything from Gen 1 to Final Evolutions.

We also own a bunch of AEGs including Tokyo Marui, King Arms, Classic Army, Star (Pre Ares), ICS, etc. Including M4 A1s (and variants), MP5s (and variants), L85, UMP, G3 SG1, G36 (and variants), XM-8, M16 (and variants), M14 (and variants), M249, Galil, and the list goes on and on and on.

We've had few GBBRs, but what we have owned is WE Open bolt M14 with RA Tech internals, Area AW .338 bolt action, and a KWA M4 A1. Many of friends run GBBRs, and we've attended endless games and seen hundreds in action.

I can tell you without a doubt; PTWs are better all around in every area by a noticeable margin, except one (realistic action/sound is owned by the GBBR with a moving bolt system). After testing with measured targets, weather conditions, multiple encvironments, and anything you can think of we'd take a stock PTW over any ten fully and properly upgraded AEG or GBBR. That's for game purposes, not collecting.

After working on a few CTWs, I can tell you that they are nail drivers out of the box, but are not the same. They have some decent points, but nothing that beats out a PTW worth mentioning. They are not designed as well, and are plagued by problems. I have seen a good one, that lasted pretty good; but nothing to write home to mom about. They are exactly what they seem to be, "a cheap clone". In my opinion I'd take a properly upgraded AEG over one. Not for performance because a CTW will rape an AEG, but for long term reliability and peace of mind.

There is two reasons people tend to hate on the PTWs. Number one is because they can't afford one, and two is because they only make very common gun types. People tend to hate believing that their gun isn't as good, or cannot be the best. But I can tell you that I've seen it, and whatever it is, it just doesn't stack up. And that players that play as much as I do, and can afford them wouldn't use them if they were not clearly the best.

Im not ripping on other guns. Remember that the player makes up for seventy five percent or more of effectiveness. That a solid and properly tuned AEG is better than "good enough". You don't need a PTW to succeed at airsoft. In fact I've seem a few players that use it as a crutch, because they rely on the distance, accuracy, and punch it puts out.

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