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Milsig Darkworx - where is the documentation?

I just placed an order on a Darkworx M9 GBB Pistol for 139.99 from to replace my current main sidearm, a WE Dragon Hi-Capa Dragon 5.1 Rev B. which is a bit shaky when holstered, and I just wanted a new gun. I tried looking for reviews on the gun, but there doesnt seem to be anything related to it. Am I the only poor sucker who bought one? A friend of mine placed an order on a KWC Silver M9 GBB Pistol and his came up empty in the search too. Im beginning to think it is a slightly modified and rebranded JG M9, they look very similar, but im not sure. Did I buy an Okay gun? and where can I find some more conclusive info on it?
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