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It entirely depends on function. Let's strip away the gear for a moment, and have competitive airsoft minus the gear. So basically you have a projectile weapon and normal clothing, while playing a competitive combat scenario. There is no acting, or goofy rules, just straight up shoot competition much like early paintball. Now you want to be more effective in game, so you need gear that is modular and helps with movement and concealment. The modern military has the best gear possible, so idealistically that's where you start. Now; a true competitive person will wear what is functional for the sport, not what looks cool or personal favorites. Personal touches will happen, but acceptably along the lines of team patches, or a personalized affect; much like athletes in soccer, hockey, etc.

In order to be more effective, you'll pick up things like nightvision, or weapon sights as they enhance your abilities. You may even use proper radio dialogue or military phonetics, but only what is affective to gameplay, not to appear more military like.

I don't copy a kit loadout of navy seals, marines, or any military denomination; and I certainly don't use any phonetics unless it's strictly functional or sport directive. I play competitively, and at no time feel like I'm a soldier, or am I diluted enough to think that Airsoft makes me look, act, or sound like one. I suppose that's why ex-military individuals use Airsoft as a competitive outlet much like those individuals that play with our team, or teams like ours.

I will admit however that milsim often employs a backstory, NPCs, and props designed around fiction and non-fiction world elements; to enhance game play. All of which are often very "strong" elements of role playing. But they are not used in the essential, identical context. Role playing literally means "playing a role". I'm never pretending to be someone else but myself. I'm me, using military grade equipment and tactics (due to effectiveness) to trounce the other team(s).

Although I have seen many individuals who use Airsoft as a role playing outlet, and put a lot of effort into their kits/costumes. Which is by far not what us milsim'rs, elitists, whatever you call us are doing. So realistically, airsoft; which is a Blanket term for anything that involving airsoft guns, is not really anything specific. But what we do (let's call it milsim for the moment), is to role playing what fencing is to L.A.R.P.. If it was more effective for someone who fences to use a samurai sword or dress like a Viking, they would. Sorry to any fencing players/enthusiasts as fencing is obviously a very old and refined sport; I was simply using it as an example. Our sport is relatively young, and I'm sure one day will have strict rules on kit, and league level orginization.

I'm not bashing the rest of you for doing whatever it is you are trying to do. But this is why there is always friction between groups at events. Operation Mason Relic, is a prime example where everyone from Mr. Vietnam kit, future soldier, or even Batman would within reason be accepted. But we do have events where that variety of stuff is not welcome, and you will see friction between groups. My personal opinion is that every event should have it's criteria or event type posted more clearly. No offense to anyone, but if I'm going to be competing alongside reinactors, or dudes dressed up like carebears with samurai swords; I want to know.

The big reason we have, what seems to be strict kit regulations, is because of exactly what we are talking about; the guy dressed like Batman. If one of our members showed up with let's say a "batman patch", we would be be more receptive to his mild personal flare. I have no problem with what your doing, but we will look at you as if you showed up to the arena with your foam L.A.R.P. Sword and said, "let's play some hockey!".

So in retrospect, we only ask that you keep your cosplay, L.A.R.P.'in ass out of serious combat games. Instead you can host a super hero, sci-fi, or whatever airsoft event, and we will equally respect you by staying the hell away from that. Because if Airsoft, or rather;competitive combat sports, milsim, or whatever you want to call even smelled a fart in tornado like L.A.R.P., we wouldn't touch it.

Now I play airsoft with everyone from D&D players, blue collar guys, down to a nearly twenty year vet of Canadian SSF. But when we hit the field it's clean, competitive, sportsmanlike. We only use what is functional, or enhances the sport.

Have a nice day!

P.S. For all you WOW players, of which I'm not. Check the new expansion trailer where it appears that Jack Black beats up a pirate and an Orc/ogre/something. Hilarious!


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