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Originally Posted by spitzrock View Post
I have a friend who really likes batman & is planning on getting a replica costume from UD replicas (check em out, it looks awesome.) My question is is there a place for "super heros" in milsim games? He sai he'd wanna rely on stealth and touch kills (true to batman style) Ignoring how hard that would be would players enjoy a "third party" in a game like that? Maybe picton field as Gotham with GCPD vs arkum asylum inmates? I think it's be cool, what do you guys think? Fight along side batman?
I know that i am very much in the minority here, but "GCPD vs Arkum Asylum Inmates" means absolutely nothing to me. I haven't seen any of the modern crop of Batman movies - indeed, my only real awareness of the so-called superhero genre is the 1960's Batman serialized TV-series that i watched as an ankle-biter in the early 1970's on Saturday mornings, and that has pretty much faded with time.

Same goes with Superman, Spiderman, Transformers, etc etc. Hell, i only just figured out the whole "raccoon city" resident evil thing recently, but at least that has some valid application to airsoft scenarios.

My point? Airsoft - milsim or skirmishes, is something that is based more on realistic situations where entire suspension of disbelief is not required. Some guy running around in a Batman suit playing grab-ass while other players are trying to get it on with tactics, strategy and engagements, isn't really in the realm of what i'd expect from airsoft. Indeed, i think i'd consider it mildly creepy.

If you must do it, then please be Wonderwoman, with the physique of Lynda Carter, so that i can at least rub one out for old time's sake while watching you from the safety of a bunker. That's a super hero that i also remember. (.. ok, that's creepy too, i do admit.)

But, that's just me, being older than the average player.

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