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Cool Review request- Guarder glasses. G-C3

hi people.

i'm thinking about picking up a pair.

before cyber bully's try to step on my toes and send me to arnie's for a review, which i've read, i'm specifically asking those that wear corrective lenses.

i know they come with the attachment for perscription lenses so what i wanna know from people with first hand experience is how they feel, perform, wiegh with the attachment...more importantly how close they stay to your face and how big the gap is for the bridge of your nose. (asians tend to have to worry about that) for those of you that have an idea of how thick/heavy lenses can get, my rx is about 400...not horrendously blind but bad enough on the field without glasses.

and in case anyone wants to tell me to get contacts i'll let them know that i have chronic retinal thinning and already have a scleral buckle so i'm not going to get them. i have enough upgrades to my eye without volentarily putting contacts in.

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