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Okay, let's put things straight. People who says that GBBRs are a no-go for starters are off the track. It's like saying ''Get a standard gas Honda rather than a Manual TDI Volks''; In the end, you'll end up with problems if you don't do proper maintenance.

Can you have problems out of the box with an AEG ? Yes. With a GBBR ? Yes.

Are broken parts expensive for AEGS ? Yes. For GBBRs ? Yes.

And the list goes on...

The only point that really makes a difference here is if you're a kind of person that like cleaning and doing maintenance on his guns. If not, opt for an AEG. If so, opt for either an AEG or a GBBR because regardless of what type of gun you have, you'll take care of it.

IMO, people that get GBBRs as their first gun will learn to grow with it and understand them much more in the end. Same applies for people that always played with AEGs.

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