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So we are clear... at least at my Field Scott.

There is no "Knife held at neck bullshit". I wanted to let you know in case. Never heard of this.

That is rediculous, and as far as I am concerned, pushing it.

With a knife at our field, (if by chance you can somehow get that close to someone which has yet to happen) you pull your knife and poke him gently. This will be without him seeing you first type thing. Poke in the torso area. This usually ends in a "dude that was awesome" kind of knuckle bump moment. Then carried on back at the cars with a laugh.

Ask Tristan. I waited for him behind a log (with Faceman) and scared the absolute shit out of him when I yelled "bang your dead" 2 games ago. And 4 games before that I mercied Garrett from DC and I turned my head and Brent said, "ha you too". We all laughed, and off we went. THATS HOW THIS GOES.

You call mercy, you accept if you are pointing the gun. END OF DICUSSION.

Again, the games we put on do not warrant this with the exception of down pilot and the person who is being hunted is fully aware of the role etc, and rules are clear for physical contact for all.

This kind of thing can result in a guy dropping his gun and punching another guys lights out.

Me included.

Anyway, that is how the knife rule works Scott unless you hear otherwise. See you sunday the 16th.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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