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Cool Getting hold of SOCINCO on ASC?

Hi guys
Anyone can hook me up with SOCINCO?
I PM'd him a while ago about a MOE Handguard he's been supposed to ship me for a few month (Mid-June) for a package I bought from him (KWA LM4 GBBR).

I got the rest of the package since then and he said he would ship the handguard separately but I've been waiting since then. Comms ended on July 10, saying he has been out for a while, and that he'd ship it soon. No news since that date.

I'm not calling BS on him or anything (yet), just would appreciate a heads up if anyone has some kind of info of him or this matter.

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Real life comparison,

GBBR- bang bang -- Giggle

AEG-- merrrzip merrzip -- meh
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