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Think that is a pretty grey area. Personnaly i would just go with it unless i knew 100% that battin the knife away or turning the tables wouldnt hurt anyone or go against field knife rules. Side note: Why were they using a knife to secure a hostage i would have just used my gun usually a knife to the throat or any body part counts as an instant knife KILL not a mercy/disarming. just my 0.02 cents but really it would be up to the game/field rules oh and propper judgement.

Note: i have been knifed before by Claymore in the middle of the night and yes it scared the living shit outa me so bad i actually shot him afterwards in a reflex move. It all happend so fast. I said it then and ill say it now "Sorry Claymore it was reflex" he was laughing so hard afterwards i think he knew he got the better of me and the 5 guys before me in our Main base.

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