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Originally Posted by Derpnation View Post
I think a Korean war would be a amazing one especially Battle of Chosin Reservoir scenario and if any of you guys know what happened and how there were literary thousands of Chinese soldiers charging at Americans
Not to take away anything from the American's at Chosin Reservoir, Maybe look closer to home?

The Battle of Kapyong, one which is still mentioned in Chinese literature, The Canadian 2 PPCLI, and the Australian 3 RAR, combined with the support of 15 Sherman tanks to support the Australian positions, and the New Zealand 16 RNZA, to give both the Canadian's and Australians Artillery support from the south, held off the Chinese attack that outnumbered them 5 to 1.

Only suffering 47 KIA, and 99 wounded, (Canadians only 10 KIA and 23 wounded) verses the approximately one thousand Chinese and North Koreans that were KIA, and from some Chinese literature I've read 6,000 Chinese were wounded, over the course of 3 days.

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