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The nam

Love it, post it, shit i will offer up my field in Durham for that one (was going to save the opener for a ww2 game but what the f. I have a field in Milton at the end of Walkers LN that i am getting ready for next year (f--- i hate broken glass), could run it there. You could use waterdown for a vietnam skirm day. Shit Cooney i give you field and take care of the bullshit like insurance etc. If you can put one together i give you wHAt ever you need (except my wife....she so dam wouldnt know what to do anyways let alone with her friend patrica too.) F--- i love vietnam games, played at several of the woodstock games but all were rained out. (funny i am still waiting for the make up games......never happen... and if it did it was at FR and you had to pay again....... ass-----) I have been trying to put one on for three years :results one game 22 players and two cancelled events, but shit i have a full early war NVA outfit from the slippers, to the gilligan hat. Add my stupid electric blow back AK and i am ready for a pho buffet (rare beef, maybe some quail eggs and no cat or the herb that taste like dam black licorse please). Shit i will bring my mega phone even.

Do it cooney, do it......... American G.I so far from home, whats your girlfriend doing (your best friend ...ass)

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