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I should answer your other 2 questions as well.

Airsoft Gear does rentals, IIRC $60 gets you full day rental, hicap, goggles, field fee paid, and BBQ at end of the day.

Also games hosted regularly on the weekends at 2 main venues; Panther Paintball in Surrey (near truck border crossing, not as accessible via public transit), and the other being Tsawwassen Paintball (easy to access via bus, it's about a 10 min walk from the bus stop so I'm told). Op-For Airsoft Club is the site you're going to want to visit, join them, introduce yourself and you'll see the game postings, say that you want to join and if you need loaner or rental and just show up on the day of (field fee for Panther is $11.20 ($10+$1.20 tax) and Tsawwassen is $15 field fee (Just $15 flat)).
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