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Question TM M9 and parts [Questions]

so there's this person trying to sell me a TM M9 beretta, i'm not too sure if it's metal version or not, but the pictures looks like a metal version (still waiting for reply from him).

he's asking 100 bucks for it and it comes with a carrying case, but the M9 have some problems: Mag leaks, trigger spring is broken so the trigger does not go to starting position and 1 safety switch is missing.
he claims that i can get all the parts to fix it for 80 bucks, but i think he's lying.

so can anyone tell me if this is a good deal? and how hard and expensive is it to get TM parts, cuz i heard from a friend that getting TM parts in canada is like impossible and you'd have to import it or something.

thanks in advance.
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