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Question [Info] - Foreign airsoft player in vancouver

Hi All,

I decided to put this information here in the newbie section, due the fact that I couldn't identify an specific section for my situation. I am sorry, if posting in here represents a mistake for you.


I am an airsofter from Brazil, and spending some weeks in Vancouver, BC for working, due to professional resons.

I have three questions for the canadian comunity here:

1) Are there any regular games/fields here in vancouver or region?
2) Is there any local store with cheap products? I already founded one physical store, will not mention the name here due to some respect reasons. So could you please help me in showing the best stores available on Vanc?
3) Is there any place to rent guns for playing? To avoid problems on the airport, I decided to let my guns in Brazil.

Thanks in advance,


Obs: I know there's a lot of information in the forum, belive, I checked it before. I am creating this post here today, because I walked a lot today to find a vancouver store and when I arrived there, the address do not match with the information that is available in the site. Like it? :-?
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