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Newbie Looking for M4 Recommendations

I have been looking on the forums for a long time and I think I am going to buy my first real airsoft gun. Before you ask I am going to get AV I just have to get in contact with someone in my area.

Now I am afraid I have to ask what might be the most asked question on the forums. What M4 do you recommend? I have around $350-$450 max that I can spend on a gun.

Now before anyone says KA I know a lot of people like them but I am looking for something with a RIS but if the price is right don't mind adding a RIS and attaching a battery box to a KA.

As for M4s that have a RIS I have found 3 that I like but I don't know if they are any good. All the reviews I have found for them are right after the gun is bought and this dose not help me because I would rather know their long-term reliability.

My 3 guns are
1) Classic Army M15a4 C.Q.B
2) Echo1 ST6 RIS
3) Echo1 STAG15 RIS

Now What do you think? Should I get one of the 3 a KA and add a RIS or do you know of better guns?
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