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Originally Posted by Derpnation View Post
Lol i think ill just stick to a MOLLE vest im just not sure yet about the vest because some people i know were talking about having to strip their chest rig to a basic rig for it to be easier to clear buildings and that they had it so they took off their main rig and the basic on was just underneath it?
yes.. you have the idea..

a lot of guys run a basic belt rig, with their radio, sidearm, ammo for the sidearm and some ammo for the primary weapon, plus a Individual first Aid kit (IFAK) and maybe a dump pouch and a utility pouch with small tools and room for a snack. this is your "first line"

Over this would go your rig.. either a vest or chest rig .. in this would be the bulk of your ammo, plus some sustainment provisions, lights , batteries, a reserve radio. this is your "second line" you would carry water as well.. probably a low profile camel back or bottle in a pouch

Over this would go your sustainment pack, extra clothes, food, water, tools, personal hygiene gear, and sleeping gear..or a ranger blanket depending if you were going to be out for a few days or not.

This is your 3rd line.

acquire your gear in this sequence.. build your first line.. this will be gear enough to participate in short skirmishes

then get your second line this will enable you to participate in longer duration games.. and day long milsim games

then get your third line .. and all the accessory gear to fill it up.. this will enable you to participate in 24 hour games.
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