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Originally Posted by Warlock View Post
Does the Systema PTW will acheive much better performance and durability compared of a Good and fully upgraded AEG (VFC, CA or G&P) ?

And if yes by how much ?

Do you have test results on accuraccy and range compared to a good AEG ?
What "Much", "Better" and "Good" means will vary from person to that's a tough one to answer.

A good way to look at it sometimes is to break things down into the various facets...and compare pros/cons:

Most stock PTW's have so-so accuracy. However, with the hopup mods they can be superbly accurate. And by superb I mean super consistent (this comes from both the shot to shot FPS consistency and application of the hopup backspin) at extended range. Is it a magic gun that'll keep all the shots in a thumbnail size at 1000000ft? No, obviously. But it's fantastic. IMO, the PTW hopup unit design is inherently better at applying consistent backspin to each BB. At varying FPS, with varying weights.

Can an AEG be setup to shoot accurately....absolutely. Quality barrel, good rubber, good nub, good combo of nozzle/hopup unit/etc... From'll see that you're dealing with a lot of parts..and thus a lot of variables. If you've worked on a lot of guns, you'll know that it can be a real PITA to get them setup right...and a bigger PITA if you've got to go back in to make alterations.

There's nothing special from the motor/gears/inner barrel/piston/etc...that makes a PTW shoot's all in the hopup application. As said...the PTW design inherently applies more backspin to each BB...allowing heavy BBs to travel "until you can't see it anymore".

Can you get an AEG to shoot just as far...yes. Much like's all in the setup and fine tuning. IMO...neither are done as simply, and maintained consistent, with an AEG as they are with a PTW.

Shot Feel
The motor and gearing in a PTW is such that it is very quick from trigger press to piston release.

Can you have the same trigger response from an AEG...very, very close. With fast/strong AEG motors, gear sets, and a battery to can get there just about. With those setups when something goes wrong, it'll go badly wrong. IMO, that's inherent in the design and parts of AEG mechboxes...something that is much improved with the PTW mech.

You're into MOSFETs and large batteries to do that with an AEG...and you're into that with PTW's. I'd probably give the nod to the modded AEG on this one...solely because of the hit/miss of the PTW electronics/motor. Hit and miss because if you sort out a solid set of electronics and motor for a'll likely keep going for a long, long time.

Sort of already touched on that in the above. The biggest things with the PTW's are the electronics and motor. Broken mechs and cylinders happen...but much much less often. Sort out the electronics and motor on a PTW...and you're likely cruising for a long time.

Reliability can be broken down into the parts that make it work:
- electronics...nod goes to the AEG MOSFETs
- mech...nod goes overwhelmingly to the PTW
- compression system parts...nod goes overwhelmingly to the PTW
- hopup unit...even draw...neight breaks unless you adjust it badly
- motor...nod goes to AEG motors

Can things be evened out either way...sure. But consider the what has to go in to things to make a AEG mechbox as reliable as a PTW mech. Or to make all the parts in a compression system as reliable. IMO..."fixing" any issues with the PTW is vastly simpler, but potentially more expensive (considering good parts, time, labour costs of doing up an AEG), than an AEG.

This is what gets people. If the electronics of a PTW were to cost $100-150 in total...the debate would be dead and everybody would have them. If the PTW motors weren't $200+ instead of $60-100...same thing.

You can't phase in or spread out the costs of a PTW like you can with upgrading an AEG. It's all or nothing. There's only a couple of things that are likely to go wrong with a PTW...but they cost $$$ each.

Take someone's nicely tuned up AEG (this is skewed because AEGs are cheap now). Add in the costs of upgraded parts...hours of work (this one is hard since a lot of people consider their time free)...gundoc fees...downtime (this one often gets forgotten).

It's cheaper to do up an AEG. But it's more work and more fiddly.

So that's a lot of writting...what's the short story?
PTW is better, simpler...but more costly.

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