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Originally Posted by Long_Bong View Post

Stay away from gas, expensive mag, leak, unreliable and fps variation can hurt someone (we had 50-75 fps variation in one day with temperature variation)
I would stay away from gas if you don't like doing proper maintenance and realism. I do myself own a WE M4 GBBR and haven't came across major gun issues since.

Expensive Mags; Yeah I agree, but for a guy like me who plays always MilSim, I barely go through all my mags in a day (I have 4). If you're the type that puts the pedal to the metal and go through a whole 4000 BB bag, then no, stay away from GBBRs.

Leaks; The 2nd generation of WE mags don't seems to leak. We shall see with time. And those leaks are easy to fix.

Unreliable; Maybe the KJW system, but as for WE myself and my teammates can't say that it's unreliable. Like I said, proper maintenance and cleaning of the gun will greatly improve the gun's reliability and durability.

FPS variation; Yes, I agree at 100% with this, either propane of CO2.

And the famous NPAS; Yes it's a PITA ajusting it, but is it worth it in the end ? Absolutely. The NPAS needs ajustement at every game, and not once a year. This again can scare off newbies that want a pay & play type of gun.

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