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Sorry guys, maybe I should have started a new thread instead of digging up this old one. The 5.56 issue has been resolved, nobody's thinking about converting a RS AR into Airsoft or the other way around anymore.

The reason I revived this thread was because I was selling my TM M4 on Craigslist and I have this guy who is offering a trade on what he claimed was RS converted to some CO2 non blowback airsoft pistol. I didn't think it was possible, and if it were, why would you butcher a perfectly good Colt? Anyway, Danke posted this:

it might be some sort of variation of this product, but either way, I'm with the others, I call bull$hit for the conversion from RS to Airsoft.

When he started going off about how it was his grandpa's gun, and how he got permission to sell it, and he has serial numbers, I started to get a bit suspicious. What really did it in for me was this:

"Personally it would be easier because selling a real fire arm is illegal and since it's a real firearm turned into a airsoft, it would grasp more attention"

WTF is this guy on?
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