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Sadly Josh (Kokonee) had it right, life is coming up. Some have school, others have careers and career transitions and we have to pick our battles and events. I am however glad that there is a post and people up for VN games.

The great thing about Vietnam is that it's cheap (webgear, helmet, uniform under $300), the average firefight was less than 50 meters (airsoft range) and a lot of small unit tactics just like in airsoft.

You could run a loose game where it's Green as US, Tan as NVA, armalites vs. AK's. Have fun for an afternoon and if you really liked it, watch a movie, google some history and talk to Renegade, Hollywood, MrEvolution, S.H.I.E.L.D., Voice of Reason, Bravo 1/6 or myself.

We've branched out into re-enacting as well and we'll be riding tanks and flying in helicopters on the 25th, talking to the vets and answering basic questions on the war. Beer and bunker parties after the gates close. Can't go wrong with that.
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