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The field in question is 100ft by 200ft with inflatables and constructed "buildings" throughout. If you encounter a situation where players are on either side of these buildings and turn out face to face, we're talking less than 5 feet. It's going to be near impossible to get even a 30ft MED unless you're standing in the open and shooting down the length of the field. In the case you're behind one of these buildings for cover, with a larger MED, and someone steps out, you're going to pelt them in the face.

I got shot by my own boyfriend at this field from less than 3 ft because I walked out from behind something, calling my hit, hands up and he just had no vision of me. Hit me across the knuckles, causing my hand to swell to the point that I couldn't pull the trigger anymore. This was at a 350 hard limit, and he wasn't aiming at me, he was aiming down field. This is only one example of the many things that could happen. We already had someone chip a tooth at the field when 350 was a limit.

I don't understand the need for change, springs are 10$. And there are more than four players in the Windsor Area who could change the spring, without damage to the gun.

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