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Originally Posted by Warlock View Post
For Marui compatible M4 AEGs, look at VFC, Classic Army (X-series), G&P or King arms. Don't touch G&G, ICS and others.

Ics is almost 100% compstiblr internally, besides the air nozzle and the shell, it's pretty good for upgrading. And vfc does look pretty nice, but if they're just a re brand will they have the exact same interals?mim looking for a gun that a gun upgrade and customize to my liking, and VFC can get pretty expensive.
I gues an important thing that I should Sk, is if I do go with echo 1 for some reason, what would be the first thing I do to the gearbox? Besides shim, re grease, and. Uh a piston with metal teeth.
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