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Looking for a good starter M4

So after playing with my ICS MX5 for awhile and having it break for the third time, I decided its time for an M4. I'm faced with a ton of choices, seeing as M4s flood the market, the choice is difficult to make. I've narrowed it down to two.
Echo 1 Troy
King arms M4A1.
The king arms obviously has better internals, but basic M4 carbines don't please me. If I want to get it how I like an M4, R.I.S, rail system, crane stock, flip up sights, it's going to be quite expensive.
The echo 1 has all of those, but internally is just a chinese clone. Fortunately, I have a good gundoc. He can turn a shit gearbox into something worth shooting. I'm planning on getting it shimmed, re greased, upgrade the piston and have some other work done on it.
I like how the king arms one is full metal, but I also don't mind poly carb. Its very light, and easy to carry. I found that the echo 1 will be a lot less costly to upgade and will end up looking better, but my opinion isn't as good as the ASC opinion. What do you guys think?
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